Panepinto Global Partners is a real estate development company
with a focus on foreign development and investment opportunities.


Today, a U.S. company’s future success relies on a global perspective to do business. With a closer integration of world markets, greater exchange of people and ideas, and wider transfer of intellectual and financial capital, PGP is leading the way with global expansion.

Panepinto Global Partners has focused its efforts on the Incheon Free Economic Zone. The true success of any organization is defined by the quality and character of its people. PGP achieves success through a skilled and cohesive team working toward a common goal. The company is comprised of real estate professionals with international experience and diverse backgrounds in urban planning, design, construction, law, and finance, with a network of relationships spanning the globe. Through diligent attention to details in every aspect of the development business, PGP achieves success in commercial, residential development, and mixed-use projects incorporating hotel and retail to enhance project profitability and ensures its success.

FEATURED PROJECT: Songdo Global Campus

Capitalizing on the company’s strong relationships here in the U.S., Panepinto Properties was designated the leading developer by Incheon Metropolitan City for a project known as the Songdo Global Campus in South Korea. The project consists of a high-rise building complex containing over 1,700 residential units, 600 commercial units, with 250,000 square feet of retail space. Incheon Metropolitan City has experienced remarkable growth due to it’s advanced urban planning strategies, bold transportation projects and close proximity to major cities in the surrounding Asian region. Panepinto Properties is proud to partner with a company whose strategic planning has been acclaimed around the world.