Our company engages in innovative real estate design and infrastructure development, long-term property and asset management, and contemporary fine art services for residential, office, and hotel projects focusing in Jersey City as well as internationally. Panepinto Properties works closely with financial institutions, city and state agencies, engineers, architects, designers, artists and much more to ensure that each project is unique and successful.

Panepinto Properties strives to be a creative, responsible, and thoughtful developer, as the owner and partner-of-choice for distinctive properties. By transforming and energizing neighborhoods, we are dedicated to creating value and enhancing the local community for those who live, work, and shop around our developments. With the wisdom and experience of yesterday, coupled with a keen vision for a modern city of today, Panepinto Properties aspires to create the possibilities of tomorrow. As every project remains a part of our legacy, each development is a signature of our efforts, reputation, and dedication to quality. Our ongoing mission is to develop outstanding real estate that inspires, supports, and benefits the entire community, by cultivating a vibrant work environment based on trust, integrity, and teamwork.

For 40 years, Panepinto Properties has distinguished itself with a reputation as a pioneer for planning and developing innovative commercial, residential, hotel, and mixed-use developments. Whether working independently or with other developers, our company has produced some of the most successful residential, office, and mixed-use projects in New Jersey. Downtown Jersey City and the Journal Square district of Jersey City are thriving today due, in part, to the positive impact of Panepinto Properties’ residential and office developments.

Panepinto Properties has expanded its operations and scope through several affiliated companies, including Panepinto Global Partners and Panepinto Fine Art. Panepinto Global Partners focuses on foreign development, investment opportunities and global expansion. PGP has participated in several large-scale international real estate opportunities in South Korea. Panepinto Fine Art offers a personalized service that creates and sourcing a comprehensive and quality art collection focused on contemporary art for luxury hotels, residential and office buildings; working with developers, interior designers and artists.


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